Important Links for Muzaffarpur

All links mentioned below will take you to official websites of important civic institutions functioning under Bihar Government and Union Government of India. Muzaffarpur citizens will get all the needed information about government schemes, new appointments, new rules and regulations, or changes in existing ones from these official websites.

Muzaffarpur Government Websites
(Official website of Muzaffarpur District Collector)
(Official website of Bihar Legislative assembly)
(Official website of Bihar Chief Minister)
(Official website of Agriculture Department, Bihar Government)
(Official Website of Department of Panchayati Raj Dept, Bihar Government)
(Official Website of Health Department, Bihar Government)
(Official Website of Bihar Police)
(Official Website of Patna High Court)
(Official Website of Lokayukta, Bihar)
(Official Website of Bihar Human Right Commission)

Links of Important departments of Government of India & other institutions
(Official website of Prime Minister of India’s Office)
(Official website of Passport Department)
(Official website of President of India)
(Official website of Parliament of India)
(Official website of Election Commission of India)
(Official website of National commission for women)
(Official website of ministry of rural development)
(Official website of National Commission for minorities)
(Official website of Right to Information Act)
(Official website for online rail reservation)

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