Things to Do in Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur may not figure in India’s must visit tourist destinations, but this certainly doesn’t mean that it’s a boring or non-happening place. It does offer quite a few interesting things and landmark places that are worth experiencing, few of which are only unique to this place. While traveling to this city there are a lot of things to doll make your journey both enjoyable and memorable.

Visit famous temples of Muzaffarpur

Things to do in Muzaffarpur

Temples of Muzaffarpur have their own charm and beauty and have played important role in shaping Muzaffarpur’s religious identity. And most beautiful amongst all is Ramna Devi Mandir. Although less old than other famous local temples, but its majestic architectural beauty makes it stand out amongst all other temples. Other two temples that are worth visiting are Baba Garibnath Temple and Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple. And amongst them Baba Garibnath Temple is located in the very heart of Muzaffarpur city and is equally beautiful.

Enjoy the taste of litchi

Interesting things to do in MuzaffarpurOne thing that you must indulge in is to visit the litchi farm spread in this part of Bihar. After all today litchi is very integral part of Muzaffarpur’s identity. This is purely because it is highest producer of litchi in entire India. But more than quantity it is quality of Muzaffarpur’s litchi that has made it so famous. They are delicious and juicy. Your visit to the city will remain incomplete without tasting this famous fruit of the region. In other words if you’re visiting Muzaffarpur in summer season, then getting your hands on tasty litchi has to be in your must-do-things list.

Eat and Shop at famous places

In the main city of Muzaffarpur there are many places where you can satisfy your appetite and also fulfill your shopping instincts. Kalyani Chowk and Suta Patti famous for cloths and wardrobes are absolutely must visit for any foodie and shopaholic. Motijheel is another fine place where you buy designer jewellery items and traditional handicrafts. Enjoy delicious foods of Muzaffarpur at famous restaurants. Dine at fine multi cuisine restaurants & enjoy latest Bollywood films. There is also an immensely famous sweet shop called Maharaja Sweets located in Saraiya Ganj area. It is immensely famous for its delicious and mouth watering sweet dishes.

From eating tasty Litchi to visiting historical temples to eating and shopping at some really interesting places, Muzaffarpur does offer interesting stuffs that can easily change your dull day into quite happening one. And if at all these things don’t make your day into happening one, then at least it would offer some pleasant memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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